7 Months on…

Again, I was full of blogging inspirations and had all the best intentions, but alas; life took over!

And in no particular order:

  • Duke of Edinbough Residential
  • Brownies
  • Duke of Edinbough practice and final expedition
  • Paris
  • Hamburg
  • Bought my first motorcycle
  • CBT Test
  • New job
  • Scotland

I feel that there is TOO much to write about, however, the latter is acompanied by many photos and videos and is fairly fresh in my mind. I shall elaborate:

A six day tour around some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in the UK, mainly in Scotland, particularly on the Isle of Mull.

We left Suffolk on a cold and foggy Monday morning to make our journey as far north as our bottoms would take! On tough leather seats we sat, eagerly consuming the surrounding as the tyres ate up the miles. Adorned in Knox and Hedon for protection, we didn’t let the extremely early morning phase us. The great machines we were journeying on were huge Indian motorcycles, two to carry pillions and one a single seat. The studs and tassles made them all the more fun to be upon. ~We sampled many beautiful view, beautiful whiskeys and beautiful cuisine and all in all did not want to come home when the time came! Veiw the videos vi the links below!

Day One <<< click for video
Day Two <<< click for video
Day Three <<< click for video
Day Four <<< click for video

And more photos and videos can be found here:
Old Empire Motorcycles Instagram

Two of us in group did this all in aid of the D of E Diamond Challenge – please donate to our cause here, to aid in providing the D of E Award to young people in future.
Scottish Indian Tour – Donate

With thanks to our sponsors of the trip – Krazy Horse, Hedon, Knox and Go Pro!!

Thank you!





Coffee Shop Sundays

Here I sit,
Across from my beloved;
My favorite, my lover, my confident.

Rolled shoulders,
Furrowed brow, he sits
A contradiction in himself.

Wrinkled denim clad vest,
Slightly a-kimbo beneath the dominant fabric above,
Adorned with bronze poppers,
Crying for attention in the amber warmth of the spotlights.

Pursed lips as he gets lost in his own thoughts,
The a-fore-mentioned surrounded by hushed hues of his ever-growing beard.
A beauty often told but never quite believed
As self-consciousness consumes him.

So unaware, that my glances are not noticed,
My admiration only evident to those around us,
I swoon regardless as here I sit:
Across from my beloved;
My favorite, my lover, my confident.

Miss Nottingham Finals


Yet again it has been quite a while! Christmas, New Year, Ireland, back to work, Miss Nottingham auditions and finals… excuses, EXCUSES!

But I will begin with the latter since it is still so fresh in my mind.

Having never taken part in anything like this before, I had no idea what to expect. I mean, I’ve been to countless catwalks, mostly backstage watching Glamourzonian after Glamourzonian strut her (or his!) stuff, or rather my stuff in front of a usually lecturer-crammed panel.

Long strides from perfect pins, demure but sultry looks, elegant in stance, tall by nature, and almost sexy by accident; but definitely confident on purpose. The ladies and chaps I have witnessed in the past had it all. And are certainly the complete opposite to little old me!

Don’t get me wrong, I am confident and have learnt (almost!!) to love what I have. (bar a few hiccups that those of you who know me well will relate to – you know my hang-ups and everyone has them!)

I like to think of myself  as an ambassador for younger girls; so often brainwashed by magazines and peer pressure, and usually brought up from a young age with some kind of mention of their looks. (But I’ll saved the impending rant for another post!)

But at 5 foot 6, small chested, with an average (compared to the aforementioned Glamourzonions) look about me; you can understand the shock induced when I received the news that I was into the finals of Miss Nottingham!

So, after weeks of preparation at the most inconvenient time of year (Christmas!), off I trotted to a local hotel.

Sign in was a little confused, although not down to disorganisation, more that there seemed to be a few of us in the same boat: pageant virgins. After this we were station at a mirror and commenced the practice for the day.

Routine after routine, my new heels began to rub. Everytime we changed into sports wear I was thankful for the break on my poor plates of meat! And despite it being a competition, there seemed to be no rivalry! The girls there were absolutely lovely! Gone seem the days of beauty queens sneering at one and other, poking fun at each other swimwear round.

The Miss England pageants have come a long way from parading pieces of meat along a stage for all the eligible (and usually undesirable!) bachelors in the audience. Nowadays it involves such rounds as sportswear, eco rounds (making a dress entirely from recycled materials) among many others. Its not about how you look, but who you are. They are essentially looking for someone lovely overall to represent our country who can hold themselves well.

And I am very proud to say that I came in the top 10 out of approximately 300 girls that applied for the heat (and was the oldest there!!). Olivia won the title and will go on to compete in Miss England – see her coverage here:


It truly was an experience and a half. With mixed comments when I was trying to get my voting platform out there – with next to no social media may I add!! Some people were just mean for reason, my Mum always taught me that if I had nothing nice to say, I shouldn’t say anything at all. But unfortunately, some people aren’t so courteous. But hey-ho, it come with the territory.

The important thing is, if I can inspire just one young lady out there to completely forget everything that she thinks is wrong with her and enter something like this or even go to school/college/work with no make-up on or make-up on because SHE wants to wear it for HERSELF; then I consider that a job done.

Thank you to all that voted and shared across various platforms!

Happy February!





Please Vote! MISS NOTTS01 to 63333

Hi guys!

I have gotten through to the finals of Miss Nottingham here in the UK. Please, please show some love and vote for me by texting:

Miss Nottingham

MISS NOTTS01 to 63333 – 50p a text and you can vote upto 30 times a day…..Please also share around all social media, encourage friends and family to vote too! Thank you!!

Last Time I looked it Was October!

Doesn’t time seem to fly! The last time I posted was in October. October 2015. Last year!

It seems a very long time ago! So much has happened since..mainly sleep. So, for now a short verse in preparation for the rest of 2016:

Time passes, slumbers pass;

Time elapses, dreams collapse;

Hope prevails, ambition sets sail;

October ends, let 2016 commence.

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